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    Supported by confirmed musicians in his family and two brothers playing guitar, Manudigital started playing bass guitar at the age of 13. He then joined his first Reggae band 1994 called « Jahrmony », with which he could make his first steps on stage.
    Manu didn’t wait long until joining multiple and various artists, armed only with his bass and vibe. He had always been strongly attracted by jamaican culture and its profusion of styles and forms.
    As the founder of his first Sound System, « Digital Sound », Manudigital became a proper Selecta, animating for more than four consecutive years a Reggae radio show called « Ragga Addiction ». Aged 19 and driven by will and passion, Manu started studying at the American School of Modern Music in Paris.
    Next to his academic life as a student he already had got his own righteous place on stage alongside the biggest french Reggae names; Nuttea, Tonton David, Brahim, Fefe Typical, Big Red and many more, all trusted his musical touch.
    Bass player yes, for sure, yet not only ! As a composer he could participate in the creation of many various recordings, both french and international. 2010, the well known « Babylon Circus » started trusting him as well, giving him the position of permanent bass player in the band; as a result, more than 25 countries and hundreds of stages gave him strength and practice, both necessary when life starts aiming for the stars.
    From 2012 onwards he defined himself more as a « Riddim maker » than anything else. His video series, the « Digital Sessions » - where only he and the artist appear, geared with the mythical synth Casio MT40 - got hundreds of thousands of views within a very short period of time, thanks to amazing artists like Pupajim, General Levy, Soom T among so many more.
    Because of his endless hunger for thrilling challenges and after having composed loads of hits for the french MC « Biga*Ranx », Manudigital joined his full band and toured with him in 2014 throughout all of France. Logical consequence, Manu got to direct Biga*Ranx’s last album « Nightbird » and toured again, intensively.
    Still, and despite all his never-ending new projects, Manudigital stays very active in his lab, composing for many different labels like X-Ray Production, Baco Records, Flash Hit Records, Jamafra Records, Tiger Records, Irie Ites, Greatest Friends etc, and many different artists like Alborosie, Sizzla, General Levy, Agent Sasco, Lt Stitchie, Papa Michigan, Queen Omega and many more…
    Late 2015 he releases « Digital Lab », a serie of three EPs showcasing three different MCs : George Palmer, Peter Youthman & Marina P.
    In february 2016 X-Production presents Manudigital’s first solo album « Digital Pixel » feat. Soom T, Taiwan MC, Flavia Coelho, Jamalski, Joseph Cotton, King Kong & many more.
    Following up this release, the Pixel Tour brought him on an tour of more than 80 gigs across France & Europe (Solidays, Rototom Sunsplash, Dour Festival, Boomtown, Machel Monday etc.)
    For this brand new release, the beatmaker has teamed up with Jamaican veteran DJ legend and close friend Joseph Cotton to make a record in the pure tradition of the Digital Reggae golden era. In 2017, Manudigital & Joseph Cotton will be touring together in the biggest festivals in France & worldwide!

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